22 June 2006

Can We Take Off The Gloves Now

I just found out the condition the bodies of PFC Tucker and PFC Menchaca were found in.

I reiterate my position that treating partisans like troops is a mistake and summary execution after brutal interrogation is the proper and legal method.

When they want to be treated like troops again they can start acting like troops.

I also think that we start using the Curtis LeMay definition of precision bombing again. Besides, fire missions on a four digit coordinate set is much easier.

This war lasts as long as we want it to. That is a defining point of asymetrical warfare. The big guy defines the fight and stays only as long as he wants. The other side counts on the big guy getting fed up and leaving. It also counts on us never using the full power at our disposal.

The LeMay method worked in Germany. The LeMay method work in the island hopping campaign. It will work again.

All we have to do is say, "We tried to minimize civilian casualties, but the targets are simply too integrated with the civilians to discriminate clearly between them." The obvious part of that statement is we will no longer attempt to minimize damage when prosecuting targets. Noncombatants figure it out very quickly.

And I don't give a shit about "them". I care about "us". And if killing all of "them" saves even one "us" so be it. I am brutal and unforgiving.

And I still think we have a job to finish.

For SGT Adam Plumondore.

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