08 June 2006

Good And Bad

Good! Got the mortgage reinstatement check to our lawyer and he got it to their lawyer. He says that it should be automatic as what they sent us constitutes an offer, that we accepted and paid.

Bad! Mom is selling her house in Las Cruces and moving to an ACLF in Denver. This gets her in the same city as my sister, who earns the "good kid" title for all time for being the "go to" girl on helping Mom out. All Mom had talked about for a long time before retiring was a little house in the desert and a cactus garden.

Bad! Every conversation with Mom has been about her estate. First it was what did we plan on doing with it, then it was did I think my marriage was solid enough that it wouldn't just be taken in a divorce. She's all over the map and it's kinda scary.

And my sister really deserves the lion's share of the inheritance. She's really always been the attentive child with the relationship with Mom. If Mom splits it 50-50, it really is screwing Sis.

Another bad thing is she is treating me like I was 16 again, where you could tell I was lieing because my lips were moving. You might turn over a new leaf and go straight, but you are never forgiven by your parents. Yes, Mom, I used to lie a lot. No, Mom, I don't any more. I discovered that it wasn't worth it, but when you treat me like I never changed, it makes me wonder why I bothered changing.

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