08 June 2006

Wrenching For Fun And Profit

The Lovely Harvey's car threw codes last week and started running rough. Corvette John's scan tool told us it was "Random Misfiring". Gee, how uninformative.

We figured the first place to look was the spark plugs and wires.

Wow, what a mess. Today was the very first spark plug change EVER done to the car. It has 123,251 miles on it. Holy stinking spit!

Three of the plug boots popped off the wires when I twisted them off the plug. All of the plugs had badly eroded electrodes and bridges.

The short test drive went well. Hopefully it will run like new tomorrow when Harvey takes it to work.

Update: Once more into the breach!

Plugs and wires weren't it. It is better, but still sputters above 45.

Got a coil. Hope that is it because it's cheap and easy.

If that doesn't cure it, we need an optispark. Which is not cheap or easy.

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