27 October 2006

Day One

OK, roll against ST to open the door," I instructed Tim.

"13, missed," he answered.


"Wow! That storm is getting bad! If this was hurricane season I would say it was a hurricane," I said.

"In December it's very unlikely for temperatures to get warm enough for a hurricane to form," Geff intoned, "Besides," he grinned wryly, "I checked the web page, I have it on good authority that it is a clear star filled night. No iridium flare though."

"Let's just game, if the roof comes off I have insurance!" I state with false bravado.


For a moment, nobody moves. The music is still coming from the computer, but the light is wrong.

It takes us a second to notice, except for the computers everything electric has stopped. I almost say "blackout" until I notice the sun is shining brightly through the windows. At two AM. Um, something is definitely wrong.

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  1. The house ended up in Cardiel about two days out from Tredroy. Our main motive will be to avoid the Ministry, then to secure medicine for Geff. Once his meds run out, he plain gets sicker and sicker. And the most meds he would ever realistically have is three months. Not sure how long he lasts without them, but it would be a truly miserable existence.

    I was talking with Geff about viable scenarios. I have found that I am good at writing scenes, but not anything larger. I am also aided in that my audience is, well, my friends. They tend to be more supportive and less critical. Some scenes are going to get reposted, White Star trading is an Infinity venture from Homeline and not from Merlin, so the information I would trade would be different.

    We would also be more likely to trade that information to the Infinity agents for a ticket to Merlin 1 and some seed money. To make the story interesting after that point would be a motive for us to return to Yrth with the knowledge gleaned from Merlin.

    At the moment its to save one (or more) of the guests that didn't get away. I still need to talk to Tim about what I would like to do with him.

    To make my little story more marketable I would have to learn a lot more about narrative and file off the Yrth serial numbers because of licensing (unless SJG wanted me to butcher their fantasy setting). There is some irony here, by making it Yrth, but not Yrth, that eliminates some of the market that would most likely enjoy it the most.


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