17 October 2006

I Guess This Is It

OK, Republicans, wanna know why you are going to lose, even with a huge group of people fed up with the Democrats? Because when the people elected you over the Democrat choice they EXPECTED YOU TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM THE DEMOCRATS! Now that we've seen you act just like they do, why not just have Democrats in the office and be done with it?

Not that they really want a Democrat in office, they don't. Which why I am calling the 2006 election a purge of the Republican party rather than a clear victory for the Democrats. What choice does a citizen have otherwise? There is no way to replace an incumbent on the ballot with a member of his own party in many places, and the party flat refuses to try in others.

So, the Democrats are headed for a small majority soon. If I am right about what this means in 2008 we should see some Republican candidates who are a lot less like Democrats than the sitting Congressthings.

I am a bit upset about this. The gun control thing is bound to come back with the Dems in charge. And they can't seem to learn that 5% of $50 is more than 10% of $20. If dropping the tax rate from 10% to 5% causes the economy surges from $20 to $40 that is the exact same amount collected in taxes. And tell me that doubling the GDP is bad, I dare you to prove it.

There is a lot about the Dems that don't bug me. I'm pro-choice. I'm pro-gay. I don't fit into the traditional definition of marriage dispite being straight and married to a woman.

I am also pro-gun and big on personal responsibility. I think that private charity is better than welfare. I think that the strings that come with private charity is more effective at making sure the recipient's kids aren't drags on society than welfare. I do not think multiculturalism is a good thing; divide and conquer is an old idea and multiculturalism creates a predivided situation.

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