27 October 2006

I Wanna New Gun

One that will blow away!

I have a Daewoo DR200 in .223 Remington 1:12 rifling.

It's a rare gun and if I break something, like the firing pin, I will be shit out of luck for parts.

It has a lot of good points, like the magazine being the same as an M-16 or the piston gas system being taken from the best parts of the FAL and AK.

5.56x45mm M193 is prolly more than enough to stop the average goblin.

I have considered an AK clone in 7.62x39mm, but they aren't known for their accuracy. An SKS has a better reputation for accuracy, but the magazine doesn't suit me. The ergonomics of either isn't all that great either.

A couple of companies are offering AR clones in 6.8x43mm SPC. It has the thump that 5.56x45mm NATO misses and is accurate and ergonomic. It has the AR gas system, which sucks, but has the vast array of accessories that are available for the normal AR. Plus the lower (the part the BATFE thinks is a gun) can be used with any AR upper giving the option of using 5.56x45mm NATO if I want.

Looks like I can sell the Daewoo for about what an AR kit would run.

Next problem would be ammo and magazines. .223 is cheap and available ($15.79 for 50). AR mags are running $15 for a USGI 30 rounder. 6.8x43mm SPC magazines are running $43 for a 25 rounder. Ammo is $15.49 for 20 rounds of 115 grain ball.

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