29 November 2006

I'll Tell You What

I will find it a good deal easier to sleep at night with a full Democrat majority in Congress if we would stop catching their principal cheerleaders, the media, lying about just about everything.

First it was Dan Rather. Now we have the AP distributing stories from an Iraqi police captain who is, at the very least, an impostor.

Add this to the lies from the folks like Micheal Moore and one wonders if with supporters like this, should I be tarring the Democrats with the same brush.

Then we have Pelosi flexing her newly won wings and recommending people with major corruption in their pasts. Luckily, those nominations haven't flown, but isn't she the one who called the Republicans a "culture of corruption"? Pot, meet kettle. Once you make sweeping condemnations of the other team, you are going to be expected to hold yourself to a standard that exceeds those you are condemning.

Perhaps things will come out OK. The senior party membership should drop some of their vindictiveness. It was voters that took their majority away, not the people elected.

As I have said before, there is a lot of personal freedoms that only the Dems espouse. Like abortions. Like letting someone be gay. And it looks like the majority of the ones elected are not interested in gun control, but the leadership (Boxer, Schumer, and Feinstein) would love to see it back.

They fall on their faces when around taxes and foreign policy.

At one time I would have said that the Dems overspent and the Republicans didn't. Not any more!

And I will say it again, this election has a great deal more to do with people wanting to get rid of certain Republicans than a real desire to see a Democrat controlled Congress. But how else can we the people nuke bad republicans?

The time is ripe for a third party, even if it forms by taking over one of the existing parties, like the Socialists did to the Democrats after WW1. Maybe we could have Whigs again!

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