23 November 2006

Republics Are Hard Work

And Americans are lazy.

To make an informed vote in a republic you have to, first, understand how our government is supposed to work. Learning and understanding the US Constitution is both simple and difficult. It's difficult because we are now conditioned to look for hidden meanings and double-speak in law and government. The constitution was written in plain language. Language lacking in those hidden meanings.

It is not helped that some words have changed definition since 1789, however the plain meaning is the intended one. The authors left notes and explanations of every part of the thing! Those are primarily collected in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers.

Of course, to understand the Constitution, one would have to read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers and the works mentioned in them. This is not an easy read for most people. It should be required though. It's necessary to truly understand just how far from the constitution our current form of government has gotten.

Once one has read and understood the supporting texts, one understands why the Federal Government had to wait until the Louisiana State Government had to first ask for assistance before FEMA and the like could intervene. It's called "The Federalist System," it's explained.

There are quite a few works referenced in the Federalist debates. Like "The Prince" and "Leviathan". One work that is definitely not mentioned is "Das Kapital"!

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