13 November 2006

Tacks Driven

When my Mom's Dad died, I got two old guns. An H&R .32 top break and a Remington 341A .22 bolt action.

The .32 appears to be really ancient and pre-smokeless. H&R continued to make black-powder revolvers well after the point where everyone else had changed over. It's not accurate and the firing pin pierces about every fifth primer.

The Remington is beat all to hell, the wood is dinged and the browning (not blueing) is about 40% worn off. Based on the shooting experience with the H&R, I expected the worst when I took it to the range Saturday.

I have a 0.312" hole for the first five rounds at 5 yards. The trigger is surprisingly crisp and it breaks like a glass rod. So I move the target out to 15 yards. About 0.75" for 12 rounds with a stringer at 1.5". So I move the target out to the max range of 50 yards. Group is about 1.5" for the next 13 rounds.

Can't beat that!

Our 1997 made Ruger 10/22 is 1.0" at 5 yards, 2" at 15 and 4" at 50. The 341A Sportmaster was made between 1936 and 1940. I would have to say that it aged well for the foul treatment that Grampa obviously gave it.

Even more fun, it holds 15 rounds of .22 LR in the tube magazine. It can also fire .22 Long (17 rounds) and .22 Short (22 rounds).

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