24 November 2006

The Heat

I heard the ricochet and paused a moment before realized what that sound was. "A rifle! They fired a rifle at me!"

"Why are you acting thrilled at a sniper shooting at you?" Geff asked. Unlike me, he was behind the cover of the crawler's steel cab, using the binocular periscope to view the battle.

"Because if they are using guns on us, we've won! The only way for them to win is to start using our tactics and methods with their superior numbers. And they have begun using rifles!"

"You are still talking like that is a good thing. Them winning is a death sentence for you." Geff reached up and pulled me down below the edge of the cab's window.

"They aren't going to win. They can't, not really. They have to figure out all the tactics and strategy from scratch, they don't know what works and what doesn't yet. And they have to make too many changes to keep up with the trains for their logistics to beat ours. Remember, I went pro on Merlin. I studied logistics. We own The Waste, they can't operate there at all. We've got Caithness almost converted to a Constitutional Monarchy. Too many people know now. Even if they do manage to snuff me, we win."

"You're monologuing again."

"I know. There's something about myth parallels that forces leaders to do that, I think. We should ask those guys from Infinity about it sometime."

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