04 February 2007

Listen Up Fuck-Knockers

It is possible to disagree about HOW something is being done and still feel that it NEEDS to be done.

My Iraq analogy. We feel that we should have been shooting people and blowing things up rather than arresting people and knocking gently and asking, pretty please, can you come out and be arrested.

Essentially, I disagree with the means, not the ends.

NEVER EVER think my disagreement with the means to the end make me support running away.

My dumbass congresscritters are all missing the damn point. We want to WIN. Kill all the damn foreigners you want. Don't care about them anymore. Not sure we ever did.

Same goes for Mexicans by the way. Mexican-Americans that have done the naturalization process, they are AMERICANS now and my fellows. Mexicans that didn't bother with even a visa, shoot all you want. Put their heads on pikes at the border as a warning to others.

I no longer give half a shit about the hurt feelings of people who don't give a damn about mine.

I used to think we'd have a civil war over the gun thing. I no longer think that. It's going to be about the borders and the fact that the USA has a culture of its own. Cultural Americans are going to DEMAND that people who live here join, leave or die.

And we are actually a pretty tolerant bunch. You need time to pray? Take ten, go right ahead. Want to smoke? Feel free. Want to own a gun? Cool! What caliber? Want to own an SUV? Hey, I'm moving next Tuesday... Want a hot rod? How fast does it go?

I heard over and over again how the Republicans were going to do a holocaust on gays and ban abortion. They had the executive and legislative branches for six years and not one law was passed.

I often replied that the Democrats would ban guns. 1934 GCA, 1968 GCA, Brady and AWB all passed and signed by Democrats. Where is the equivalent legislation for abortion and homosexuality?

I am not pleased at all with the Republicans either, I'm looking at you McCain. Reagan signed the Firearm Owners Protection (HA!) Act in '86.

McCain-Feingold was bipartisan. Joy. With all the things the media thinks of as protected by the First Amendment, they completely miss the ENTIRE FUCKING POINT TO IT! Being free to speak politically was exactly why the people who wrote the US Constitution and Bill of Rights included it! We have been very liberal with this freedom because one can take the position that any speech can be political speech. So 'Piss Christ' is as protected as publishing a list of things about McCain I don't like on October 31st in an election year. Don't believe me? Go read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers.

While there you will also discover the Second Amendment really does mean any damn gun I want. You will learn that the commerce clause was for direct commerce and not third party six times removed transactions. Careful reading also reveals that Unconstitutional is illegal and should be ignored by the populace.

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