08 February 2007

Simplifying My Life

Today's frustration at Bill Jackson's has cemented it.

No more gun stuff. When it started becoming work to go shooting, it stopped being fun. It's also a ton more comfortable with my shirt tucked in and the gun in the safe at home.

This made me think of some other useless things in my life.

Gaming. Who am I kidding? I don't game anymore. No need to waste any more time or money on it.

Cars. Toys for the idle rich. I need basic transportation I can rely on. That can be slow and ugly, can't it. No more money for fast and pretty.

Computers. Now that I am not gaming and have graduated college, I need a computer about as much as Paris Hilton needs more publicity. I have three. Today the laptop and iMac get shut down and may never be restarted. The desktop will continue until it dies, and I don't have any intention of replacing/repairing it.

Cell phone. For the active person who's on the go! My polar opposite, in fact. If you get my voice mail without a ring, guess what? It's off and I am home.

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