28 February 2007


At what point to you say, "fuck it," and throw in the towel?

Last week, I called Del-Ton to order one Stag Arms and one DPMS lower receiver. They didn't have DPMS, would Double-Star be fine? Sure, Marv didn't care.

I give them the card information, give them the name of the FFL who had agreed to receive the shipment.

And waited.

And waited.

Today I call Del-Ton. No fax from the FFL, Cole's Gun Shop in Clearwater. Betty at Del Ton says she will call them. She does. They are clueless. Oh, by the way, they're out of Stag now too.

I call Cole's, talk to "Tiny". He promised he will fax it tonight. "You said that last week too, what's wrong with right now?" He promises he will fax tonight. I don't believe him anymore.

I call Del-Ton back. Talk to Betty again. Cancel the order.

NOW I am pissed.

I had really wanted to get this project going again. Now it looks like it never will.

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