23 July 2007

New Grips For The Little Guns!

I know, calling an M1911A1 clone a "little gun" seems a bit off.

The 1911 came with nice wood grips that were too wide and made me hold the gun to high, allowing the hammer to pinch the web of my hand between the thumb and forefinger. I got rid of those almost the day I got the gun because I had a set of brown plastic stocks I liberated from the Army. Those looked pretty good, but were beat all to hell. I would have stayed with brown plastic, but the style I have are the early variation and very expensive, the later variation has the same problem the wood stocks had. So I asked a local gunsmith about my fit problem and he handed me a bag of take-offs from guns he'd put fancy grips on. $5 later and I have a set of black plastic panels that are almost the same profile as the brown ones!

The Junior came with oiled walnut that just wasn't up to Florida's weather, so I got a set of plastic grips from Numrich.

The Junior grips came very warped and needed some fitting to get the left panel on. All in all, though not bad.

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