03 July 2007

News Flash!

I am a sympathy seeking jerk with an excuse for everything!

At least according to McSister, I am.

Seems my mom held not a thing said between us in confidence. I had thought better of her.

It seems that because I am, "not a man" and "don't stand up to my wife" I cannot attend the memorial. Wow! I had no idea! I thought it was because I didn't have the money and there is literally nobody to take care of The Boy. How clear things must be from 1,900 miles away.

And why don't I have the money? Because I spent all our discretionary cash on doing the right thing and going to Colorado to say goodbye to Mom. I am sure McSister thinks I only came out because Mom gave me her car. And McSister didn't honor the deal Mom made with me about coming to get the car either, that puts us even shorter financially.

And the date you chose is still the worst day all summer for me to have this. If you had bothered to call and ask before you booked the site, I could have told you that.

I guess it's more comfortable living with your preconceived notions than asking me, huh?

I called the firm managing her IRA find out what forms I need to get them to do the beneficiary thing. They had no record of Mom being deceased! Gee, McSister, isn't that something that the executor should have taken care of right away? The firm indicated that all I need is their forms and a copy of the death cert to claim my benefits. Colorado has an online form for getting a death certificate.

She pulled the martyr card about her sacrifices she made to take care of Mom. Bully for her. I expressed my gratitude for that. I told Mom to give you a larger share of the inheritance because you were the one doing all the work. I appreciate you did that, you deserved more than half. It's not my fault Mom didn't listen to me and give you a larger share. She made you the executor, who has the power to take "reasonable" fees to cover expenses, perhaps this was her way of making sure you got your extra portion.

I guess it's reasonable that you regard me with suspicion, you take after Mom. Every conversation with Mom was a trial for me. Every action I took was judged, harshly. I learned to be very evasive in answering questions, lest I be judged and be found wanting. This makes me seem very shifty and devious. I never chose the path that Mom thought I should have taken, I did not arrive at the destination she felt I should have arrived at. Every action and step I took was wrong. Because I was wrong, I attempted to say what I thought would get me the least amount of "told you so". More than once in my life, I told my mother where to go, and how to get there. There were several times we didn't speak for years.

McSister, now that I know I can get my promised inheritance without you, you will only re-enter my life on my terms. Tough shit if you don't care for them, I don't really care now.

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