07 February 2008

Lemme Try To Explain It...

I've been reading at Kim Du Toit, Rachel Lucas and Bill Whittle's pages about how not voting for McCain is stupid. We should vote for him even though we hate him because Hillary is worse.

That may be true. The Democrats are hard core socialists.

However, by voting for the lesser of two evils still gets us evil. And the Republicans are not going to get the message that we don't want RINOs until it costs them something. The only thing that matters to them is winning elections so the only thing we can cost them is that election.

I direct your attention to the Contract With America. LANDSLIDE win for the Republicans on that plank. If only they had actually done something to enact those promises, we likely wouldn't have gotten a second term with Bill Clinton. But the Republicans squandered the win and pandered to the people who hate them no matter what they do.

The Republican party needs to learn that being different from the Democrats is good, and wins elections. They need to learn that being like the Democrats is bad and tells us we might as well vote Democrat. A two party system only works if there are two distinct parties.

I grow more convinced that Bush Jr won not because we thought he'd be a good president, but that Gore and Kerry are such mind-numbingly bad choices. Now it looks like we have nothing but bad choices.

I got politically active when Bill Clinton and the Democratically controlled Congress passed Brady and the Assault Weapons Ban. Like Rachel Lucas, I do not care about gay marriage or abortions. I do care about lower taxes. I do care about guns. I do care about free speech. I do care that climate science has been hijacked by political agenda.

What I think will happen is the Democrat candidate will get elected and we'll get two years of Hell. Then the 2010 mid-terms are going to return the GOP to power in Congress, and this time they will get their acts together and oppose the Democrats and make it known what is going on.

7th-Feb-2008 06:41 pm (local)
Keep in mind that voting for the lesser of two evils doesn't get you equivalent evil. It gets you the lesser of two evils. McAmnesty is a nice old geriatric closet Democrat with a bit of an anger management problem. Hillary has a downright malevolent streak, based on what she has said and written in the past. A recent example is that her solution for non-compliance in her mandatory government sponsored health care scheme will be confiscation of income via payroll deductions and/or jail time.

How's that Social Security program working out?

Recall that a reporter did a word search on the proposed HillaryCare doc back under Bill's tutelage in the '90s for the words "jail", "imprisonment", etc. Said reporter discovered over 900 hits.

Remember what we thought of Bill when he was elected back in '92? "Oh, he can't be all that bad.". Then we got the assault weapons ban. The normal vote on that gem was 60 shy of passage in the House until he pulled out ALL the stops and spent every shred of political capital to get it passed by one vote. We had to wait ten f*cking years for the thing to sunset, and thank G_D President Bush had the political brilliance to not reup it, despite all the pubic "pressure" manufactured by the press.

But make no mistake: I do not plan to squander my vote on two evils. I do not like McAmnesty of Hitlery either one, so I will vote for my brother again. The most honourable man I have ever met.

My rider, who is into political discussion, has a suggestion for McAmnesty: He should pick Bob Dole as his running mate! Slam dunk! They can stand there for the photo op each one with a pen in his left hand. Just like Bob Duh used to do back in the day.
7th-Feb-2008 07:23 pm (local)
I feel like I am choosing between Hitler and Stalin. I know they are both evil and millions are going to die. Please pick between the farmers or the Jews.
7th-Feb-2008 07:33 pm (local)
Personally, I am sick and TIRED of the "Jesus is my running mate" faction of the Republicans. While I'm not wild about gay marriage (I do think that the bl**dy gays could have about 95% of what they say they want if they were willing to compromise on the word "marriage," which sets off the Bible-thumpers), I'm pro-abortion and against about everything the Nehemiah Scudder-wannabes want.

Unfortunately, the only alternative, among the major parties, is the Democrats, which are dominated by people who never got over their crush on the Future that Works. I know you hate all Cubans, but I thought that Clinton's behavior in sucking up to Fidel was disgusting and despicable. It was under him that Cuban refugees picked up at sea were sent back to that hellhole, instead of treated as political refugees. (Er, Bill...if people are willing to risk their lives in ninety miles of shark-infested open ocean on contraptions that most sane people would figure were just about right for a day's beer-lubricated arsing around in sheltered waters, what does that say about the regime and system they left?)

While the Democrat/Socialists pushed and pushed the Brady bill, it wouldn't have passed without Republican cooperation. One reason I vote Libertarian whenever I can is simply so I can keep some shreds of self-respect.
8th-Feb-2008 02:27 am (local)
I don't hate Cubans. I hate Puerto Ricans born and raised in New Jersey who don't speak a word of English (and haven't since they left the island) who move to Florida to mooch on the Title 8 housing and welfare dole with their nine kids (from a minimum of eight fathers) who deal drugs and have gang wars across the street from me.

The Cubans around Tampa are AMERICANS! More American than me in some ways since they risked something to get here.
8th-Feb-2008 03:09 am (local)
I beg your pardon...I'd apparently misunderstood some things I'd heard you say at various times.

I agree completely about how the Cubans are Americans. Anybody with the cojones to do what a lot of them had to do to get to the US is a pretty good risk. (I wonder...do you think we could swap Castro our radicals for his dissidents? Or is Castro not quite that naive?)
8th-Feb-2008 12:30 pm (local)
You might have gotten the impression that I hate Cubans from my opinion that we should not be giving them refugee status, but guns and a LST. When the landing ship, tank, is full they head home.

I believe that we should be spreading republicanism and freedom rather than being the last bastion that is crumbling.
9th-Feb-2008 07:52 pm (local)
I've never, never forgiven the Kennedy Klan for wussing out on the Bay of Pigs. Personally, about the second the USSR went down the tubes, I'd have stomped Castrato so hard he'd be called "Roadkill." And then turned the whole island over to the Mob...and moved there myself!

"Ahhh...Uzis, floozies and Jacuzzis. This is the life! Poor old McThag...pity he can't be here!"

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