04 March 2008

Heller vs DC

I've been reading the gun grabbers crying about this case. I've been reading the gun-nuts crying about this case.

I have a prediction for the Supreme Court to consider. Quite a few gun owners are convinced that it's too late to vote and too soon to shoot. A decision against Heller would be the last straw. That would be the signal that it's over and it's time to start shooting because there is no other option to get our nation back to its constitutional limits.

The gun grabbers warn that the decision should go against Heller because crime will increase and there will be blood in the streets. Perhaps there will be blood in the streets this time, but bloody revolution not crime.

It should also be noted that the gun-grabber's dire consequences have never come to pass. Ever.

The nation is at a crossroads. Can you feel the tension? I imagine this is what it felt like when the states were squabbling over whether there were would be slavery. This time we are talking about guns. Come to think of it, the immoral side was wrong about blacks too.

Yes, I made a value judgment there.

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