08 March 2008


Only slowly did I realize that a battle had been raging for some time while I was passed out.

"Angels" were dead everywhere. Most showed signs of being ripped apart. "What the Hell could rip something that shrugs off anything lighter than fifty cal in half?" I thought worriedly.

With that thought hardly formed I caught a motion in the corner of my eye and saw an "angel's" head rolling past. Looking up along the path it had rolled I saw what had to have done the ripping. One of those bear-human things from one of the other worlds that had been sucked here, but this one was much stronger. Those are only as strong as a large man, this one was...

Then I saw him/her/it. It was raptureously beautiful. An "Arch-Angel". You need to be a special kind of dead inside to even think about harming, let alone actually pulling the trigger on one. And you'd better have brought an AT gun or you'd just be giving it a massage.

The Arch swung its flaming sword at the neck of the bear-man. "Damn, that's it for him," I thought. Wrong. The bear-man spun to face the Arch, and caught the sword in its clawed fist. Caught. The. Sword. The Arch struggled to free Its blade as the bear's other hand whipped out and grabbed the Arch's head. The muscles in its forearm convulsed and the Arch's head collapsed under the pressure. With a voice that sounded like Satan gargling gravel it growled, "She! Was! My! Life!"

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