12 December 2008

I Thought He Retired

My favorite snob made a big announcement about how he was quitting blogging 30NOV08. Took his ball and went home.

Said he was retiring, he did. I think that if he wants to post his thoughts in such detail, he should get a blog. If he really retired, he should shut up and fade away.

He might have stopped posting to his own blog, but he's sure commenting on other people's.

After reading for a long time and seeing him spout some of the crap he's posted, I am confused as to why our snob commands such respect from the gun/right wing blog community. It gets him passes and by-runs where others get banned. The man and his wife are pompous bores, but they are very polite about how they phrase things. They say offensive things and get away with it because they preface what they say with, "with all due respect" or some such. When someone says, "Would you look at WHAT he just said!" everyone seems to fixate on HOW he said it. Form over content.

I was sick of reading him while he had his own site, but at least I could avoid him by not going to his site. Now that he's got nothing to do, he's posting all over the comments of places I do read. I still don't want to read him, or his wife. I don't think they are as smart as they think they are. It had become tiresome a long time ago, and I had hoped it would have ended, 12 days ago.

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