01 December 2008

That's It I Am Done With Video Games

I was trying to play Call of Duty 4. I've got to the point where I am following my boss in a ghillie suit through a field where there's a full company of bad-guy infantry.

They spot us, we die.

I stay with the boss. They spot us, we die.

I move to one side. They spot us, we die.

I hang back. They spot us, we die.

I go ahead of him. They spot us, we die.

There's way too many to fight; so, we die.

This is not a test of skill, this is a test of persistence and luck. Will I persist until I get lucky and they don't spot me? Survey says, "XXX"! Sorry Aspyr, but this is not fun, this is irritation.

I looked at the run through at: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/833/833711p1.html and it tells me, "Follow MacMillan out the door and past a gap in a low wall. Jump over the pipe and get ready for a tense situation. Two APCs and accompanying Russian troops approach from the East-Southeast. Try not to get run over by an APC and anticipate the vector the troops are moving at so that you won't get stepped on. The best idea is to go prone and stay right behind MacMillan, and move ONLY when he does. Eventually he'll stand behind a
caterpillar tractor. You have a choice now. You can either kill the troops or sneak around."

Um, nope. That doesn't work.

You know, I stopped playing "The Army Game" over this exact same bullshit. I need to sneak past someone and they have magic "spot me" powers. And there's no way to avoid the obstacle.

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