15 April 2014

I'm Your Huckleberry

Today is April 15; or Buy-A-Gun Day!

Up top, I give you Valentine.  The $100 a month 6.8 AR.  Just a tad over $900 total.  The first $700 had been spread over the past six years... Underneath, I give you Tabitha the ever changing M16A1 clone.

Valentine's selector markings.
These two guns were one gun last year.  The $100 a month for the past six or seven has been going towards making them separate.  The purple furniture didn't go with the retro receivers and the retro parts had been purchased with the intent of making an M16A1 clone back in 2008!

To finish Tabitha I needed a new barrel and a bolt carrier assembly sans bolt.  For Valentine we needed an upper, lower, lower parts kit and a rear sight.  All the rest was in the parts bin.  Selling off the parts that weren't going to be used in these two guns and weren't properly considered spares funded nearly all of it.  Retro parts have gone up in value a lot since I started accumulating parts in 2008!

Tabitha wore a lot of cast-off parts from other builds for while just to get her lower in use.  The barrel that's on Valentine was Dottie's original, for example.

While I say it's an AR on $100 a month; we spread the $1,850 total over a period of more than five years.  And no, shit; if you can't finish an AR in five years you don't want to.  No matter what you tell people.

You can tell from some of the other posts that these guns have been done for a while before today, but it counts as a BAG purchase because I didn't order the lower from Aero until we got our tax return deposited.

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