13 April 2014

What I Did Today

F/A-18A-12-MC 161955 and 1G1YY-3LT-Z51-MZ6
I drove under the wing of an F/A-18C and spent the day at the Naval Aviation History Museum in Pensacola, FL.  I took lots of pics.  Marv took lots of pics.

There is not a single complete F-8 or F-4 in the entire place.  That just shocks me.  I am willing to believe that we walked right past them without noticing, the place is HUGE and I was definitely in plane-geek sensory overload.  Like the Ford Tri-Motor in the background.  We literally walked UNDER THE WINGS to see something and didn't notice it until we got up on the mezzanine and saw this wider view.

I also sat in an F-4B cockpit familiarization trainer.

Marv attached a camera to my rear window...

1 comment:

  1. My brother works there as a docent. I hope you had a good time.


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