30 April 2014


There's a lot I want to say.

I don't really have the words.

It's the timing of some things that's really bugging me.

We have someone who seems to always have been a racist, but that racism was ignored for years; and whom even received accolades from groups he apparently despised.

Yet on the word of an estranged lover, he must NOW be punished?

Why now?

Why refuse the money offered or return the money given now?

For years these offerings were accepted despite the man's attitudes being reasonably well known.

For years these gifts were received and gratitude and recognition were given in return.

The man did not suddenly change, he did not suddenly reveal a long and well hidden secret hatred.  He is the same person he was, and has been, for years.

Yet now he must be punished because an estranged mistress surreptitiously (and possibly illegally) recorded his well established prejudice.

It occurs to me that even the damned police can't use illegally obtained evidence to secure a conviction.  Doesn't that mean we have to let him walk?

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