30 October 2012

Mosin Delete

I've decided to change my wall decorations somewhat.

I've taken the Mosin down and replaced it with my M1903A3.

Considering Catherine's history, she deserved a place of honor.

I'm also a bit sketchy on granting such an honor to a Soviet gun after spending so much time actively opposing them.

Svetlana is delegated to a corner of the closet on account.

Edit: worthless without pics.


  1. I gots me a bunch of cool Mosins.

    I got a new one in the mail right now.

    Still while they're cool history and collector's peices, even my very pretty Tula M1891 is a damn pig-ugly rifle and doesn't need to be flaunted.

    Still my Westinghouse M1891 with a Krag Bayonet lug installed may very well be a National Guard rifle rather than a tool of the commies...

  2. I'm currently questing for a nice Finnish M39. Killed commies, still a Mosin, win win.

  3. I think your missing one of the greatest battle rifles ever produced on that wall, the k98. I have one from 39 and it's still dead nuts..........;)

  4. I don't collect the bad-guy's guns. No AK's, no type 53's, no Arisaka, no K.98k, no Model 1893, no trap-doors, no Springfield M-1861, no Brown Bess...

    1. Angus
      just remember if and when the SHTF, we will be considered the bad guys........

  5. Would a Type 30 Arisaka count? It was probably used against the Russians but it would have been out of Imperial service long before either world war.

    And your Mosin was likely used against the Nazis, so there is that.

    1. With a 1942 manufacture date, it was almost definitely used against Nazis. That's why I hang on to it.

      I am thinking I need me a Finnish Mosin to balance the account.


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