30 October 2012

All Outta GAF

Florida has its share of hurricanes.

Florida also has more than its share of New Yorkers.

Something I noticed a couple of storms ago was how the former New Yorkers were treated by their friends and relatives who still lived up there and were visiting for the holidays.

The transplants were complaining mildly about insurance and some damages from the tropical storms the same year as Katrina.  The New Yorkers kept going on and on about what dumbfucks the transplants were for living in such a shit hole place that gets hit with hurricanes.

A couple even opined that no aid should be offered to such idiots as we who live here.  One even added that we deserved it for giving Bush the election (classy!).

This is why I am all out of give a fuck for the plight of New York City.

This, on top of the bullshit that Michael Bloomberg tries is enough to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude about NYC being pummeled worse with by Sandy than Miami was by Andrew (notice the difference in strength between those storms).


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