29 October 2012

Gorilla In The Room

I'm on an email list that sends me the latest and greatest black helicopter news.

The scariest thing of late has been links to "legitimate" sources instead of the more normal incestuous "people who think like we do" sites.

About 10% of the traffic is the threeper style folks.  Lots of "when the revolution starts we're gonna..."

Even Oleg has mentioned some about that.

The 300 lb gorilla in the room is the Army is not going to be showing up until the cops lose their handle on the situation.

Let's say the Black Helicopter Militia (BHM) types are correct and all the executive orders from Herr Obama are a prelude to denying the election and imposing a more open police state on us.  (This is what we call a "given".)

Who is the first line who will enforce such edicts?

It's not Mother Green and her extensive artillery and air support.  It's your local law enforcement agency.

That, my threeper pals, is the person you'll have to shoot if The Government ever decides to go full statist.

For some this is going to be the easiest, best, day of their lives.  Those are the folks with a lot of speeding tickets or a stack of photos from a red light camera.

What about the rest of us who kinda like the idea of law enforcement but are unhappy about the direction the laws being enforced is going?

The denial is that their friend the cop won't enforce such laws.  Wanna bet?  They don't have any problem with all manner of unconstitutional crap now, why would this matter to them?  Please give a detailed response.

I would hope that officer friendly stays home should Herr Obama declare himself God-King.  Because if the rest of his department starts enforcing the edicts of the take-over then anyone wearing the uniform will be a legitimate target.  The whole "not all cops are bad" thing?  Yeah, people are going to take the time to sort that out.  This, by the way, is why your local police becoming insular and stand-offish is such a bad idea.

It's a two-fold bad idea.  It removes them as members of the public, that makes it easier for them to impose statist bullshit on us and it turn makes it easier for the public to shoot them should the need arise.

Do I believe that people will shoot the cops for enforcing such laws?  No I do not.

This is why "the revolution" will never start in the USA.  We don't fight back.  We talk and talk and talk but we never do anything, and we're past the point of do something.  Yes, me too.  I'm not shooting anyone either.  And look at me talking!

We've got too much hope.  We keep hoping that the next guy will be better than the last one, and it never seems to happen.  We keep voting and thinking we're doing something but our elections have nearly become choosing between Hitler and Stalin.  Sure, Stalin is better on agricultural issues but Hitler seems to have the economy nailed!

As has been said, we're not voting our way out of this and we'll never stand up to "them" over anything.  I weep because I feel like I should have done something but was too afraid.  I still am.

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  1. I don't know so much that it is fear as much as it is knowing when the shooting starts all the other options are off the table.
    I just keep hoping one of the other options will work. A futile hope perhaps, but there it is.


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