12 October 2012

Yet Another Modest Proposal

The grounds an embassy stands on are sovereign territory of that nation's diplomatic mission.

There are time honored methods for severing diplomatic relations and the host nation getting that piece of property back.

These methods were not used in Teheran or any of the recent embassy attacks.

I have a proposal!

We reopen our embassies as bomb ranges.  They can't say we're attacking them, we're dropping bombs on US soil.

Colateral damage?  I'm sorry, but why did you build so damn close to our bomb range?

It wasn't a bomb range when you built all around it?  Then why did you do nothing to prevent it from being overrun by militants?

Basically speaking, if you're going to keep painting the USA as the bad guy; then shiny.  Let's be bad guys.

If they can't get their shit into one sock and the bombs don't work I think the black mosque retention pond from Mecca Pork Products will get their attention.

All we want is to give you money for oil.  You couldn't handle that so you get to see our creative side.  Germany has not invaded France nor has Japan invaded China since our last burst of creativity.  We're creative to last when we can.

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