30 April 2008

Fun With Math (With Update)

Out of 15,927 2008 Corvette Coupes. 51% are the 3LT trim level, 15% have dual roofs, 38% have the Z51 suspension package, 47% have dual mode exhaust, 34% have manual transmissions, 33% came with base rims, 23% are black, and 12% have a cashmere interior. That math works out to there being just one car with my exact combination of features (actually the math adds up to 0.67387416818 cars).

My car is 1 of 1. Wow!

It's a valuable collector's item! Only one like it made!

0.00627864632385% is 1 car divided by 15,927. All the percentages added are 0.0042310175688%.

Unless I have made a drastic error, and I am sure FuzzyGeff will correct me if I have.


FuzzyGeff has, correctly, pointed out that just because 15% of all 2008 Corvette Coupes have the dual roof option does not mean that 15% of BLACK 2008 Corvette Coupes have the dual roof. For example, 2,389 2008 Corvette Coupes have the dual roof, if all of them are black then 65.2% of black coupes have the dual roof. That should have been obvious to me, but I couldn't restart the brain cell that blocked the path to my stats class.

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