08 April 2008

Well I Am Glad That's Over

It's caused some stress here at home, and I must apologize, but the holes are filled. The die had been cast and the Rubicon crossed... Thanks for being tolerant of the obsession Honey!

I sold a lot of my guns to pay bills in the months before moving to Florida.

Thanks to the inheritance, I have replaced them all. With upgrades in all the niches really.

The Mini-14 has been replaced with Kaylee.
The FAL has been replaced with Dottie.
The FIE Titan has been replaced with a Colt Junior.
The .45 Colt Anaconda has been replaced by the same and supplemented with a .44 Mag.
The M-1911A1 has been replaced with a Springfield M1911-A1 GI.
The Brazilian M-1908 Mauser is sort of replaced with a Remington M-1903A3. I originally bought the Brazilian because I wanted a nice Mauser type rifle. The 03A3 is the pinnacle of the military Mauser development.

The SIG and .44 are the only real additions to the pile since the inheritance. The .45 and the Junior are actually pre-inheritance guns, paid for with my stipend from the VA.

I know it's hard to understand why those niches getting filled was so overwhelming. If I had sold them because I was tired of them, there would have been no feeling of loss to eliminate. I feel no such feeling about the Polytech M-14S, Enfield No.4 Mk.2* or Daewoo DR200 I sold.

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