28 April 2008

Rev. Wright

The more this guy talks, the more I think I should be ashamed that I rejected the arguments of the KKK.

Listening to him makes one wonder if the Civil War was worth it now. If freeing an entire race from slavery leads to this kind of garbage, perhaps it would have been better to let the CSA leave.

But wait, that's condemning an entire people because of the actions of one "man". Nope, I can't do it; even if he can.

I have extended this offer before: Any person of slave descent in the nation who feels put upon by us white-folk can do one of two things; 1. Return to slavery, it was my people who fought and bled to free you and we don't really appreciate you hating us for it; 2. Return to Africa, but there you will not be a black, you will be an American and you will discover what hate without restraint looks like.

No takers? I didn't think so.

There was once a time when blacks were not welcome to join American society. That time is passed. If you think about it, the Civil Rights Movement would not have gotten anywhere if the majority of the nation hadn't decided that, yes, it's time we stopped being fools and treated blacks like people. That moment happened before I was born. It's becoming clear to me that the offer to join is going to expire soon if people like Mifuni, Wright, Jackson and Sharpton continue to be the spokesmen for race relations.

Equality is a good thing. Reversing the situation is not. For the same reasons it was wrong for blacks to be enslaved it is wrong to demand a position that is unequal in the opposite way. Women, take notes here, your leaders are guilty of this too.

To be equal you must be equal. That means ending special privileges. Just for example, what would the reaction be to a Congressional White Caucus? League of Male Voters?

What would happen if McCain's preacher said CENSORED?

If you want to end racism and sexism, you must not be racist and sexist in response to racism and sexism! Continuing to be so will eventually close the minds of the people who might have welcomed you as an equal, but now see that you seek a reversal, not equality, and wonder if perhaps the original situation would not be much better.

I'd rather have peers than subjects. What say you?

PS: the female thing is doubly baffling, they are the majority. Why do girls get minority status when 60% of the country is a female?

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