28 June 2008

Biscayne SS Status Report

In case I didn't mention it, we've had the Biscayne SS running for a while.

Today Marv and I got the air conditioning running.

Had two minor irritations with it. First we got a whiz-bang variable oriface valve. This should let the AC work better at idle. There was no obvious front or back, so we put it in backwards. Of course, once in wrong, it wouldn't come back out. We had to pick it out a little bit at a time with needle-nose pliers.

Second irritation was once the system was all sealed up and charged that the compressor wouldn't engage. Marv discovered that if he jumpered the relay, the compressor would come on. Pressure was correct, so there was no reason for the system to not be running. For some reason the computer was not sending the signal to trip the relay. We took a break to eat (DAMN GOOD PORK CHOPS HONEY!) and I mulled it over in my mind.

The wiring for the engine swap is something of a Frankenstein disaster under the hood. I suggested to Marv that perhaps one of the wires no longer made it all the way from under the hood to the computer. So we took the dash apart and checked resistance to all the wires. The 5v signal from the PCM to the high pressure transducer had a 4k ohm reading! Marv respliced it into the wire I had originally selected and suddenly we had AC!

Stuff that is left to do:
Put the new carpet in.
Install the powder coated calipers and drums.
Fix the rear window on the driver's side, it's off track.
Switch the instrument cluster from the Olds to a 9C1 (The Lovely Harvey prefers the digital speedo).
Get the Biscayne emblems on.
Install a hidden antenna.

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