12 June 2008

Selected Power Tour Shots

As a show, it's just a bit big, but kinda lame.

As an event, the Power Tour is incredible. Road trip with your 3000 most distant buddies.

( Collapse )

HHR SS Panel in retro rat rod flat paint

Candy apple red does not photograph well.

An Anglia, just because my dad likes them I take pics of them. Not that he'd ever know I thought of him near Father's Day.

More C2 for The Lovely Harvey.

The Family Truckster! If you think you hate it now, just wait until you drive it!

One lone Impala SS from across the way.

I'm not good about getting shots of everything. The cars I didn't take pics of were pretty much in the, if you've seen one Chevelle or Camaro, you've seen them all.

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