30 June 2008

It Seems That People Overlook This A Lot

For some reason I am coming across a lot of articles about how having a gun on the plane on 9/11 would have either made no difference, or would have saved the day.

When it's suggested to allow conceal carry on an aircraft, often it's mentioned that the permit holder would have an extensive background check and training.

What nobody on either side of this debate seems to have noticed; the terrorists used box cutters because you could just walk onto a plane with them.

Why does everyone seem to assume that the terrorists would not have taken the course to get the airplane CCW?

If there had been citizen conceal carry on airplanes on 9/11, there probably would have been at least one terrorist per plane with a gun. I am not certain that an armed passenger would have made much difference on that day anyway. The thing that even my Dad noticed; hijackers never killed the entire plane! He related that he would probably have sat in his seat and waited for the plane to land and the negotiations to begin. If he'd had a gun, he would have waited until the plane was on the ground before starting anything because you might be able to use one of the emergency exits.

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