05 September 2008


I rant and rage a bit about Welfare. Some people don't understand why I get so damned upset about the useless dangling from Uncle Sugar's Teat.

Because I was honest to Gohd poor once! I am not any more.

What got me out of poverty in childhood was the hard, honest work of my mother. We got government assistance for one whole month before some apparatchik decided that the child support that my father wasn't sending put us over some etherial line and made us ineligible.

I returned to a level of poverty because of my stupid decisions later on. My fault, but some honest work and better judgement later, I am not what I would call poor.

My experience has left me some things to look for when deciding if someone else has really been poor or is just putting on the mantle.

Do you know what fried bologna is?

Do you have an opinion about what BRAND of ramen is best?

What kind of commercial cheese-food is most like the Government cheese brick?

I tend to fixate on the food items.

The Lovely Harvey comes from poverty as well. Her family was ineligible for welfare because her mother was married and Bubba supported his family. Hard work has put The Lovely Harvey out of poverty as well.

We're bitter because we watch people like Thunder McThighs and Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel spawn child after child get welfare for being irresponsible. We're sick of watching them get more money from a tax 'return' than they paid in taxes, sometimes thousands more. We're sick of the government moving these dregs of society into the house next door and paying their rent for them while they destroy the house and suck my property value down with it.

Hard work and responsibility boot-strapped both of our families out, we expect nothing less of others.

PS, The Boy doesn't get a penny of support from Gubmint. The Lovely Harvey apparently makes too much to qualify.

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