16 February 2009

Making Progress

I found a set of correct 6-hole handguards at a pawn shop of all places.

Just waiting on Bushmaster and ATF.  Well, still waiting...

A quick comparison with Kaylee, my "XM177E3".

The 'moderator' is placed about where it will be when the XM177E2 clone is finished.  It will be about 2 1/8" shorter than Kaylee when done and would be about 1/2" shorter than the legal 16" barrel if I had the 'moderator' permanently attached.

Kaylee is the first AR I made.  I wanted the XM177E2 all along, but wasn't wise to the ways of the NFA back all those two years ago when I contracted Black Rifle Disease (BRD).  I consider Kaylee a representation of what the XM series would have looked like if the Army had still wanted such carbines in the mid to late '70's.  Just imagine that she has a 13.15" barrel and the 'moderator' isn't covering any more than the threads.

Alas, the Army wasn't interested in carbines again until Desert Storm.  The logical start point to make a carbine at that point was not to dust off where we were in 1974, but to shorten the M16A2 like the XM series was shortened from the M16 and M16A1.  Roads not travelled and what not, eh?

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