08 August 2011

I do love me some conspiracy

Execution of SEAL Team 6.

Was the RPG fired from a grassy knoll?

Do the shadows converge too quickly towards the horizon?

The posting speculates that a lot of things were known and announced too quickly to be believable.

While doing the same thing about what we know about the crash...

There might be a conspiracy there.  If there is, he's pissed off a group of people who are good at getting into heavily defended buildings and killing the source of their anger.  That would be hilarious!

Here's the originator of the story: Sorry, can't link to one article you have to scroll.

She clearly doesn't understand how Army works.  A National Guard CH-47 was a back up bird.  She wants to know where the 160th SOAR MH-47G went.  How about it went tits-up?  That happens with depressing regularity.  The MH-47 goes on the fritz, the NG CH-47 is called up BECAUSE IT'S THE BACK-UP and they in turn get whacked.

I also note that many pundits are talking about this NG aircrew like they were second rate.  National Guard pilots almost invariably have more hours in their type than the regular Army folks.  Almost all of them are in the Guard because of a love of the flying.

No amount of training will save you from the bullet with your name on it.  The golden bb is not a myth and sometimes there ARE snakes in the cockpit.  Helos crash for no reason at all all the time, getting shot at does not make them safer (although they are amazingly safe compared to the '70's).

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