29 August 2011

Mice Guns

I kinda collect .25 ACP guns.

They are cheap and interesting.

I am not going to say they are an effective choice for self defense unless merely having any gun at all will do.  Heck, didn't we have a gun blogger choose using a cup of hot coffee over the .25 in his pocket?

Because I collect and accumulate, I tend to not shoot them right away.  It's not like I have to be in a big hurry to make sure they work before the warranty expires.  My newest .25 is the Beretta 950BS made in 1992...  The box and owners manual don't mention the name "Jetfire" anywhere but everyone calls this gun a Jetfire.  I like to think my gun predates the name.

Today I took that Beretta and my FN-Browning 1905 (1922 made) out to the range.

Both work, both print fist sized groups at 10'.  I am pleased!

All in all I don't like the Browning 1905 as well as it's close relative the Colt 1908 Vest Pocket.  JMB (PBUH) sold the design to each maker and they adapted them independently.  The Colt is just nicer.


  1. I have a Colt 1908 Vest pocket made in 1917. Impossible to see sights, lame cartridge, and modest capacity, and slow to reload, plus no last-round-hold-open.

    Still its an amazing piece of craftsmanship and there is something about holding a gun made in New England at the start of the 20th Century designed exclusively for conceal carry and personal defense.

  2. My Vest Pocket is a 1920 vintage. I forgot to mention that both my vest pockets have magazine safeties. I LOATHE that "feature".


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