21 August 2011

You may call me Ace.

I am kicking ass and taking names with Strike Fighters 2.

Currently playing the Rolling Thunder campaign flying an F-4C Phantom II out of Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base with the 45th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Hoosier Hogs).

I had previously been flying the  F-100C and F-100D from the same squadron in the '50's and early '60's campaigns.

I loathe the F-100D.  It's just not the fighter I want it to be against the MiGs of the era.  Adding the AIM-9B Sidewinder doesn't help much since it's envelope is super narrow.

At present I have more kills in about a year of this campaign than there were in the entire ten years of the US being in Nam.  The rules of engagement aren't what they were in the real conflict and the Vietnamese are far better supplied with planes than they really were.  Aimed at making it more enjoyable to the player, I am sure.

Strike Fighters is a wonderful survey sim, realistic enough you have to learn some skills but not so real you have to learn to operate the actual systems.  Stop by Thirdwire and throw a measly $30 on a super enjoyable combat flight sim.  It's four stand-alone "games" (Fictional Middle East, What-If Europe, Vietnam and Israel) ranging from 1956 to 1982 that can be merged ($30 each) with two expansion packs (Israeli and Europe) for $25 each.  You can buy the games in any order and add the expansions to the appropriate game at your leisure.  On top of that there's some additional aircraft for $3-7 that just add to the fun.

Some other screen shots after the break.

Lightning F.2
Lightning F.2
Lightning F.2A
Phantom FGR.2 (75)
Mirage IIICJ Shahak
F-4E Kurnass
F-8E Crusader
Dogfighting the F-8E in the mountains up near Dien Bien Fu
Just a pretty sunset from the cockpit of an F-8J
Luftwaffe F-104G (Not flyable)
Cockpit view from an F-105D on final.
F-4D Phantom II
F-15A Eagle
F-15A office at dusk.
F-4E (78) Phantom II
Harrier GR.3
Later version of the F-104G, still not flyable; dammit.
F-4F Phantom II, die Luftverteidigungsdiesel.
A-10A (78) Thunderbolt II aka the Warthog.
A-7D (78) Corsair II from the Iowa Air National Guard.

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