09 August 2012


Something at a commenter once got wrong about something I posted back on LiveJournal.

I am not posting here to discuss an issue.

I am hoping to discover solutions to the problems I talk about, or if they are unsolvable; mitigations to the problem.

I tolerate, "you're incorrect, here's why" much better than devil's advocacy.  Devil's advocacy always seems to lead to an unending argument with the much loathed moving goal-posts.

You may notice that my blog is rather poorly sourced.  Well, it's not a doctoral thesis.  It's just my educated opinion and I reserve the right to change my mind about anything I talk about.  Perhaps even from being convinced.

If you're trying to convince me I am wrong, please do so in your own words and don't copy-paste someone whom you think is spearing me.  I ask this because I am typing this all out, and the damn volume from copying is hard to absorb and rebut.  It rapidly degrades into a case where I don't read the reply because it's too dang long to digest.

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