21 August 2012


Is "legitimate rape"the same thing as "rape rape"?


  1. Well, you see, if it's a "legitimate rape", then the woman's body will simply choose not to become pregnant.

    This is an important fact, because we can deduce from it that any rape resulting in a pregnancy was an "illegitimate rape" (in other words, consensual sex retroactively redefined as rape).
    Therefore, any pregnancy resulting from such a "rape" should not only clear the alleged rapist's name, but also be treated as any other pregnancy resulting from consensual sex. In other words, abortion should not be an option.

    [The terrible taste that writing the above has left me with makes me want to clarify that this is NOT my opinion. It is an appeal to ridicule.]

  2. Yes, but is it the same as Rosie O'Donnell's "rape rape"?


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