26 August 2012


Yesterday I tossed Kaylee in the back on the way to have dinner with Marv.

His sister has DX'd her gas grill and was giving away a full tank of propane.

About halfway home I realized that I was driving around with a full tank of propane and an AR with two guns on my person as well.

What would a cop have made of that if I'd gotten pulled over?

1 comment:

  1. Well the operative question would be "Will the cop be interested in thinking in the first place?"

    he shouldn't think much as most cops carry at LEAST one gun on their person (backups being encouraged in many departments) and if your department doesn't have a "patrol rifle" in their car they're being sold short.

    And given that most people have a grill at home, but don't have a natural gas filler or hardline, it isn't unreasonable for somebody to be hauling around a propane tank.

    Might warrant a probable cause search if he really thinks you look like Jihadi Joe, or Militia Mel, just to make sure you don't have an O2 tank or a detonator of some kind.

    Still this all is logical and that is not a required duty issue piece for many cops. So yeah remember your turn signals and give a "three Mississippi" on stop signs if you think you have enough asphalt in your diet!


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