16 October 2010

Why do they do this to themselves?

Larry Vickers, with his foot firmly in his mouth.

First, we have a drinking game, drink whenever he says "attention to detail" and "kit".

Second, while he's being offensive, I am not offended.  I don't repair laser printers.  I don't watch Spongebob Squarepants.  I don't think I am an assclown.

He's an acknowledged expert in his field.  He really does know what he's talking about.  What he needs to learn, which would not have come up in getting that experience, is a different way of saying it.  He's paraphrasing "We hate you; and you suck."  I wonder if he got that from helping H&K with the HK416?

A note to Daniel Defense.  Since I am not a member of the special forces or even a normal grunt, I do not need the quality products you are making.  To be perfectly honest, rails made for an Airsoft rifle would probably suit those needs.  I am not going, and pray to my numerous gods that I never go back, to combat.

OK, DD, we have NEED out of the way; let's talk about WANT.  You make an excellent product. While I may not ever need the edge that your quality provides, I want it.  Always nice to have even if you never need it.  Plus I enjoy owning fine craftsmanship.  To me, merely owning a well engineered, well designed, well made item is a reward in and of itself.  The utility of the item becomes secondary to the craftsmanship.

Why did you hire Larry Vickers to run his ass off at the mouth about the lowly beings beneath him?  What did he say in his opening remarks to make me WANT your product?  Clearly from his tone; only Larry Vickers is worthy of your fine product and that his opinion is the only valid one in the whole world.

If that's who you want to be associated with, fine.  What I will say is there are plenty of companies making components for my AR that are just as good as yours who don't hire people who hold me in contempt for failing to be them.  I do not want to be such a monumental asshat and I work hard to avoid it.

I have a personal policy concerning businesses that announce that they don't want or need my business in this manner.  I stop buying from them and start ignoring their work.  Colt, Ruger and H&K were charter members, welcome to the club, Daniel Defense.  Say hello to Dick Swann.

Edit: numerous grammar and style choices.

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