29 January 2011

More likely?

Back in Iowa; I owned a lot of guns, but never many all at once.  Between "oooh shiny" and financial reality I nearly always sold a gun when I bought a gun.  I think the most I ever had at one time was five.

When I moved to Florida from Iowa, I owned three guns.

I currently own 25 firearms of all types (most aren't worth anything at all).

When I moved to Florida, my wife owned zero guns.

Now she owns 8.

I am storing four for a friend whose living situation forbids possession, but not ownership of his guns.

Yes, I have a safe.

But the point is that for some reason not a single one of these guns has killed anyone since I bought my first one in 1991.  Some are even dreaded "assault weapons"!

More guns made for no more or less crime here.

If owning a gun makes me 28 times (discredited) more likely to shoot my wife or son and the chance before was zero...  28 x 0 = 0.

Oooops.  Math be hard 'n shit; I guess.

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