01 January 2011


New made, relatively modern, .45 Colt double actions.

S&W lists their Model 25 in blue and stainless.

Ruger lists a version of their Redhawk for it too.

Why no Anaconda, Colt?


  1. I wouldn't mind knowing why .45 Colt DA revolvers are so expensive...I'd love to have one. I would particularly love a Model 25 with a 3" or so barrel...

  2. Two words: Niche Market.

    But .45 Colt double actions are not really all that much more expensive than other large frame guns. They are expensive because of how they have to be made; lots of labor.

  3. They're also hard to find. .44 Mags are a lot more commonplace; I put a lot of the blame on the Dirty Harry movies. Good thing Clint wasn't using a .25 ACP, wasn't it? *grin*

  4. .45 Colt was never very popular outside of the Model P/M-1873/Peacemaker/SAA.

    .44-40 and .44 Russian were extremely popular rounds in their day. .44 Special is a lengthened .44 Russian and .44 Magnum is a lengthened .44 Special.

    .44 Special is ballistically hard to tell apart from .45 Colt and was a lot more popular. The progression and support are pretty linear. .44 Magnum is a lot more powerful than either and you can still shoot .44 Special in your magnum.

    I like .45 Colt out of nostalgia, and accept that I am shopping a niche. I guess I am attracted to niches, I also like 6.8x43mm.


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