13 January 2011

A note.

The National Rifle Association would not be a powerful lobbying organization if there weren't millions of members and gun-owners.

The reason that gun control is not getting anywhere is, quite frankly, there really aren't millions of people who want it badly enough to do anything to get it.  Gun owners, on the other hand, are willing to work quite hard to stop it spending time, money and energy.

By the way, Bill Maher, if you are sick of hearing about the second amendment and the constitution; perhaps you should stop trying to violate the prohibitions in them.  Perhaps you could move to a nation that better suits your ideals, like Venezuela.  As I said earlier, if we ignore the parts of the constitution that stand in the way of your ideal, we are also throwing away the legitimacy of the government.  It's not a situation where you can just keep the things you like about liberty and toss the rest into chains.

1 comment:

  1. Personally, I'd love to have the anti-gun types move somewhere where the laws are more their sort of thing. They do say North Korea's lovely this time of year. Of course, they'd have to get used to starving a lot, and praising the Dear Leader with every breath they take, but they could just pretend that the Dear Leader's Obama and they'd be fine.

    Or is the Dear Leader Obama? Has anybody ever seen the two of them together?


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