26 January 2011

Missing the point...

Labrat posted about the GOP submitting a gay marriage ban.

It's a good post, go read.

It occurs to me, again, that nearly all of my problems with government is that they are involved in places where they have no business being.

What business of government is it that who I marry?  What business of government is it how many I marry?

Other than their valid role of enforcing contracts, which is all a formal marriage is, I don't see where they are authorized to be involved.

This theme repeats over and over.  Most of the time the crap they are involved in where they have no damn business is some conservative cause.  Gay marriage, abortion, drugs...

Labrat aptly points out that the electorate didn't change since 2008.

These crusades of sticking the government in where it doesn't belong just cause backlash and put the other party in power (again).  That in turn causes another backlash when the liberal causes get advanced.

Just so you don't think I am picking on conservatives...

Conservatives tend to go all in for things where Congress is granted no power.  Liberals tend to go for things where Congress is forbidden to do.  They attack free speech, guns, privacy...  They're better at it than the conservatives, notice they are considered the champions of free speech and privacy rights?

The conservatives help them immensely with the privacy infringement too.  There are some things that cannot be regulated or banned unless the government knows entirely too much about my life.

I cannot help but notice and repeat that if the government was reduced to its constitutionally empowered limits there would be a great deal less of it and we'd be a great deal more prosperous.

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  1. A conservative can be described as someone who lives in a sweat of fear that someone, somewhere, might get high or sexually aroused (outside of the marriage bed, strictly for purposes of reproduction.) A liberal/leftist is someone who lives in a sweat of fear that someone, somewhere might have more than "his share" or own a gun. A libertarian just wants to leave people alone as long as they aren't actively harming others.


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