31 January 2011

I'm a gun owner but...

I find that I don't need a gun that only holds 4+1 rounds and has a scope.

I don't hunt.  I've only gone hunting a vanishingly few times; and the shooting part is the only part I am any damn good at.  I am not good with the stalk or the waiting in the blind.

I have a gun I could hunt with, I even bought a magazine for it that meets the local capacity restriction for hunting.  I don't have a hunting license or expect to get one any time soon.

I don't shoot in matches.

My shooting can best be described as "plinking".

I have taken two weekend carbine classes more to prove my "frankenAR" would hold up than to learn what they were teaching.  For the record, I learned despite myself and both Kaylee and Sabrina each ran 100%.

I am not a tacticool shooter.

I own bolt-actions, but they are of historical interest to me.  I own mostly older guns of little intrinsic but of great emotional value.  The old guns from Grampa are cherished artifacts.

I am a gun owner, but; I do not own for sporting purposes.

I buy for utility for self-defence, to satisfy my curiosity about the function, to indulge my historical interests, to amuse myself about some unique feature design.  In short, for whatever suits my fancy at the time.

That is enough.  It is my right to own these guns in the manner I do.  It is your right to do the same, or own entirely different guns from mine.

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