18 January 2011

Fully Featured Assault Weapon

It's got all the banned features!  Collapsing stock, pistol grip, detachable magazine, bayonet lug, threaded muzzle, flash-hider and grenade launcher.

Grenade launcher?

Yes, Troubleshooter, grenade launcher.

That's a NATO compliant M16A2 flash-suppressor screwed onto that threaded muzzle.

It's nearly as useful as the bayonet lug (which can't be used because the muzzle is 1.5" too far from it).

If I were to find someone willing to sell me a NATO spec rifle grenade, I could fit it to my muzzle device and fire it.  After I filled out an ATF form 5320.4, paid a $200 transfer fee, and passed an extensive background check I could, in theory own the Destructive Device known as a rifle grenade.  The companies that manufacture them do not sell them to individuals.  Last time I checked, that included sales of even the inert practice rounds.

The only rifle "grenades" I have ever seen for sale are the inert practice rounds for the spigot launcher attachments for the M1903 and M1 Garand.

I don't know why "grenade launcher" was included in the assault weapon ban, but it sure wasn't ready availability.


  1. Is it full-auto?

  2. If it were select-fire or full-auto the number of assault weapon features would be irrelevant.

    It would be an assault rifle, not an "assault weapon".

    It would also have cost about 20 times as much...


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