22 February 2011


I tend to carry a 1911 on a daily basis.  There's just a few months it's too damn hot to do so here in FL.

Why did I choose a 1911 clone?

I met the 1911 in my dad's sock drawer when I was 5 or 6.  I didn't mention finding it because in my child-logic anything hidden like that was a future gift for me and if I told them I'd found it they wouldn't give it to me.  I quickly forgot about it because I was a kid and had Great Works™ to get back to.

I found that same gun ten years later scouring the house for money.  Yes, I was attempting to steal petty cash from my dad.  Dad's sock drawer was commonly open a crack and the change he dumped on the dresser would often fall into those cracks.  Since there wasn't any change on top of the socks, I dug under them.  There was the Remington Rand M1911A1 again.  Again, I left it alone and didn't tell anybody.  I can imagine how telling Dad would have gone, "Dad, I was ransacking the house, violating your privacy, so I could steal your loose change and I found a gun..."

Despite my larcenous intent towards change, I didn't even consider taking the gun and selling it.  A couple bucks in dimes would not be missed.  A gun would definitely be.

A couple years later I was in the Army.  I joined at an interesting time.  In 1987 many of the old pieces of equipment were still around and their replacements had just started to trickle into the supply chain.  What that meant is I trained on both the M1911A1 and M9 pistols.  The M9 was easier to shoot, strip and clean.  I hated it; it just didn't fit my hand.  Oddly, I never had a problem with the caliber.  Because of my gamer background I KNEW that a 9x19mm would kill just as effectively as .45 ACP.  The gamer in me also liked how the M9 held 15+1 rounds.

The 1911 was more of a chinese puzzle for field stripping.  The extra parts just provided more places for a drill sergeant to find dirt.  But it fit.  Because it fit I took to it and I was a far better shot than virtually all of the people in my unit.  I shot expert with both, but most people only got marksman with the 1911 even if they got expert with the M9.

After the Army I got a Glock 17.  I liked the Glock the first time I'd heard about it, in gaming of course.  17+1 rounds?  Sign me up!  It fit my hand, OK but better than a Beretta.  I shot it well.

Then my dad made me an offer I couldn't refuse, "Come for a visit and you can have my old .45."  So I spent spring break with the old man.  This reminded me that I liked the 1911.

But I didn't hang on to it long.  The 1911 reminded me I liked the .45 ACP round and Glock had just introduced the model 21; so I traded a mint Remington-Rand M1911A1 for a new Glock 21.  I am a fucking moron.  I still have that Glock.

When I first got my carry permit, I carried that Glock.  I got a Galco summer comfort IWB holster for it and learned that a full size double stack .45 was hard to conceal that way.

A friend has a Colt series 80.  I looked at his and remembered that the 1911 is much narrower.  The different grip angle puts the gun against my body in a more comfortable way.

So I bought a Springfield Armory M1911-A1 GI.  Then I bought a lot of holsters learning the lesson of "holster box".

Now it's in a Galco Miami Classic II.  This is ideal for me.  I'm on the large size.  In my Vette, an IWB holster doesn't work well.  Belt holsters are hard to conceal.  Something that a shoulder holster gives is much easier access while sitting in the car.  My two main cars are flashy, with the Biscayne being popular with a "certain" segment of society.  I worry about being car-jacked so easy access while driving is important.  The shoulder holster also has a place for spare magazines.

Galco makes this exact holster for the Glock too.  The width of the Glock and its mags would not be comfortable, I don't think.

It all boils down to this:  I shoot the 1911 well.  I know how to fix most any stoppage nearly instinctively.  .45 is enough gun.  I am confident in it and my ability to use it; meaning I will not waste valuable time on doubt.

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