26 February 2011


Doubly so since you can't have chili con carne if there's no damn carne!  By frakkin definition!

Con carne means "with meat!"

This should be chile sin la carne!

Hat tip: Jennifer.


  1. Calling it "chile con carne" if there's no meat is, or should be treated as, consumer fraud. Of course, ignorant people probably just think that "con carne" means "fancy" or something like that.

    There are times I want to scream and beat my head on the wall.

  2. I keep hearing that fish is brain food; maybe there's something to that. Seriously, though, far too many people wouldn't even try to figure out a joke like 「私たちはここで英語を話します。」, on the grounds that learning a language is too much work.

  3. Like you've ever tried to learn a Gohdless Furrin Tongue™.

    I don't claim to speak anything but English, but there's lots of Español creeping into it via loaners. Not knowing that carne means meat is bafflingly sheltered.

    You don't need to speak French to know what "soup de jour" or "a la mode" mean.


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